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Special conference rates now available for nursing professionals in Ireland and the UK.

Register now by using the codes below.

At this Symposium, we will convene leaders, clinicians, educators and students who are committed to advancing person-centered,

relationship-based, holistic care that advances the health and wellbeing of people as well as organizations and communities.


Our international faculty of renowned experts will offer sessions focused on applications of integrative nursing in a wide variety of settings including acute care, mental health, oncology, community health, pediatrics, senior care, and midwifery. Sessions will also be offered on person-centered care, nursing leadership, building integrative care models, and more. View the Symposium program.


Pre-conference workshops include The Most Beautiful Way of the Healer with Janet Quinn and Integrative Nursing Research with Robin Austin and Laura Kirk.

When registering, enter the codes below for special day rates that are only available to nursing professionals in Ireland and the UK.

May 22: €84 with code: ins1daymay22

May 23: €172 with code: ins1daymay23

May 24: €172 with code: ins1daymay24

Special Day Rates for Nursing Professionals in Ireland and the UK



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