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Learn more about Ireland through our partners at Fáilte Ireland.


Conference Program

A preliminary conference schedule has been posted below. Schedule is subject to change. Business casual dress is encouraged for Symposium attendees; this includes workshops, presentations, and dinner/entertainment. 

Please note that breakfast is available each morning in the hotel restaurant.


Wednesday, May 22

7 - 8 am: Tea, Coffee, and Scones for Pre-Conference Workshop Attendees

8 am - 3:30 pm: Pre-Conference Workshop: The Most Beautiful Way of the Healer Presented by Janet Quinn, PhD. Location: Ballyvaughan Suite.

8 am - noon: Pre-Conference Workshop: Integrative Nursing Research convened by Robin Austin, DNP and Laura Kirk, PhD, RN. Location: Inishturk.

1 - 4:30 pm: General Conference Registration

3:30 - 4:30 pm: Beverage Service Meet and Greet

4:30 - 6:30 pm: Opening Session. Location: Lettermore Suite.

  • Welcoming Remarks by Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN, FAAN University of Minnesota and Mary Koithan, PhD, CNS-BC, FAAN, University of Arizona, Symposium Co-Chairs

Opening Presentations (Location: Lettermore Suite):

  • A Legacy of Irish Nursing Leadership – The Life Story of Peta Taaffe, with Geraldine Murray, MBA (Hons,) BNS. Diploma Management. ICU Cert. CCU Cert. RGN. RPN

  • Integrative Nursing in Ireland, with Martin McNamara, EdD, MSc, MA, MEd, BSc, BA, RN, FAAN, FFSMRCSI, and Sean Teeling, MBA, BSc, RGN, RCN

6:30 - 8:30 pm: Welcome Reception and Entertainment with cash bar

  • Traditional Irish Music provided by the Sean Gavin Trio

Thursday, May 23

6:30 - 7 am: Morning Movement with Karen Lawson, MD

7 - 8 am: Morning Tea and Coffee (Conservatory)

8 - 8:10 am: Announcements and Centering

8:10 - 9:10 am: Keynote Presentation: Creating the Conditions for All Persons to Maximize Their Humanity in Care Situations: A Person-Centered and Integrative Approach by Brendan McCormack, D.Phil, BSc, PGCEA, RGN, RMN, FRCN, FEANS. Location: Lettermore Suite.

9:15 - 10:45 am: Concurrent Session I

Session 1:  Workshop: Implementing Integrative Nursing in Pediatric Settings (M. Voss, M. Fitzgerald, M. Anderson, M. Hagen, S. O'Conner-Von,

W. Baker) Location: Inisheer.

Session 2: Nursing Systems and Operations (Discussant: L. Knutson. Location: Ballyvaughan Suite.)

  • Implementation and outcomes of a daily management system (J. Foley, C. Phelan, K. Sulmonte)

  • Joy in our practice (C. Hayes)

  • Expanding Mindfulness into a movement for health care organization (J. Levin)

  • Compatibility of integrative clinical behaviors with ANA Scope of Practice and Standards (N. Pool, M. Koithan)

  • Patient flow improvement project: a patient-centered initiative (H. Horsnell, E. Kelly)

Session 3: Care of Special Populations (Discussant: M. Kaas. Location: Lettermore Suite.)

  • The effects of an adaptive mindfulness intervention on male prisoners in Iceland (G. Kristófersson, T. Gunnarsdottir, S. Kjærnested, K. Guðmundsdóttir)

  • Nurse-led behavioral and nutritional intervention to improve health in women living with HIV in India (A. Nyamathi)

  • Capacitar International: A Model for Healing Ourselves and Our World (M. Duennes)

  • Plain Complexity: Integrative Nursing Care in the Old Order Amish and Mennonite Communities (J. Zimmerman)

Session 4: Integrative Primary Care (Discussant: D. Ringdahl. Location: Inishturk.)

  • Holistic Nursing Values in NP Care (E. Kinchen)

  • The meaning of the caring encounter within Swedish primary care (M. Jong, K. Lundberg, L. Kristiansen)

  • The re-greening of health: restoring the role of food and healing (K. Niemeyer)

  • The re-greening of health: evolving the practice of herbal medicine (K. Niemeyer)

  • The use of an integrative nursing wellness care plan in primary care (K. Moore)

Session 5: Research (Discussant: L. Kirk. Location: Inishmore)

  • Randomized Study Using Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self-Help for Nurses (C. Errico)

  • Bioenergy for stress relief in a university community (A. Running, N. John-Henderson, L. Hildreth)

  • Shinrin-Yoki (Forest Bathing) and Nature Therapy: A state of the art Review (M. Hansen, R. Jones, K. Tocchini)

  • The effect of acupuncture on mobility sensory motor function and QOL in persons with MS (B. Siminovich-Blok, H. Karpatkin, S. Winsor)

  • Using yoga and prayer to reduce diabetes and hypertension stress (S. Benavides-Vaello, K. Flagg, A. Spring)

Session 6: Senior Care (Discussant: R. Austin Location: Inishmaan)

  • Integrative nursing and leadership in the senior care setting (R. Trelstad-Porter)

  • The perspectives of staff in Icelandic nursing homes on the use of integrative nursing (T. Gunnarsdóttir, I. Bjartmarz, I. Hjaltadottir)

  • How the Eden Alternative Philosophy and person-centered care affects residents’ quality of life (A. Magnúsdóttir, H. Erlingsdóttir)

  • Health and wellbeing of older people in northern Iceland (A. Sigurdardóttir, G. Kristófersson, T. Gunnarsdóttir)

10:45 - 11:15 am: Tea, Coffee, and Fruit Break

11:15 am - 12:45 pm: Concurrent Session II

Session 7:  Workshop: Inclusive Spiritual Care in Integrative Nursing (K. Scott-Barss. Location: Lettermore Suite.)

Session 8 has been cancelled

Session 9: Informatics (Discussant: C. Hayes. Location: Inisheer.)

  • Open source EHR using the Omaha System designed to support nurse coaching practice (M.E. Southard, D. Gotlib, K. Monsen)

  • Nursing care innovations according to integrative nursing and Omaha System in elderly women feeling lonely (A. Ilgaz, S. Gözüm)

  • Standardization of integrative nursing therapy terms for clinical documentation: A data-driven approach (R. Austin)

  • High-tech, high-touch informatics: Integrative nursing and quality improvement (R. Austin, D. Ringdahl)

Session 10: Nursing Education (Discussant: R. Nagle. Location: Inishturk.)

  • Baccalaureate nursing education and activities for senior nursing students to foster self-care (M. O’Connell)

  • Reframing symptom management for nurse educators (N. Pool, M. Koithan)

  • Nursing education reform: Perspectives for integrative nursing (R. Ammende)

  • Teaching compassion in an end-of-life course for senior nursing students (M. Costello, A. Barron)

  • Integrating wisdom as contemplative pedagogy for 21st century nursing students (S. Williams, R. DeGennaro, D. Fontaine)

Session 11: Clinical Care (Discussant: M. Voss. Location: Ballyvaughan Suite.)

  • From sick care to health care: The Veterans Administration’s radical redesign of health care (J. Wagner)

  • From vision to reality: One integrative program’s journey to establishing a presence in an academic healthcare institution (J. Wagner)

  • Shifting paradigms at the bedside: How to create, implement and sustain a holistic model of care (T. Verner, A. Quarberg)

  • Be careful what you wish for: Implementing an integrative medicine department in an academic healthcare setting (H. Gujral, R. Sheinberg)

Session 12: Mental Health (Discussant: G. Kristófersson. Location: Inishmaan)

  • Complementary therapies and social psychiatry (A. Lunde, D. Dürr, H. Johannessen)

  • Calming the storm: Treating anxiety disorders with mantra, breath, and mudra (K. Wilmering)

  • Addiction recovery: An example of holistic healing (M. Manthey)

  • What our PMHNP DNP graduates tell us about using integrative therapies in clinical practice (M. Kaas, E. Geiger-Simpson, G. Kristófersson)

12:45 - 1:45 pm: Lunch

1:45 - 2:45 pm: Plenary Sessions. Location: Lettermore Suite.


  • Integrative Nursing: Changing practice, changing lives by Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN, FAAN and Mary Koithan, PhD, CNS-BC, FAAN

2:45 - 4:15pm: Concurrent Session III

Session 13: Workshop: Leadership/Systems​. Location: Lettermore Suite.

  • The impact of the ‘Caring Behaviours Assurance System' © on Leadership and Culture (S. Smith, A. Cavanagh)

  • Enabling and Facilitating a Person-Centered Environment (M. Hardiman)

Session 14:  Workshop: Nurse Quest: Let Nature be Your Guide and Mirror to the Essence of Your Work in the World (J. Levin). Location: Inisheer.

Session 15: Clinical Care (Discussant: T. Gunnarsdóttir. Location: Inishmaan)

  • Healing through the seasons through Chinese Medicine and Five Element theory (T. Toledo)

  • Patient advocacy in an obstetric setting (L. Heelan-Fancher)

  • Aromatherapy deep dive: Safety of an essential oil program in an academic hospital setting (E. Anderson)

  • Infusing essential oils in the clinical setting: Engaging nurses with aromatherapy to expand their practice (J. Tomaino, M. Halm, M. Hoffmann)

  • Therapeutic touch: A global healing modality (J. Cornman)

Session 16: Spirituality (Discussant: S. O'Conner-Von. Location: Inishturk.)

  • Spiritual well-being as a way towards increased overall health (L. Ronne-Petersen)

  • EPICC project: Spiritual care education best practice for nurses and midwives (J. Whelan)

  • Watson’s Caritas Processes® as a framework for spiritual end-of-life care for oncology patients (M. Costello)

  • Inclusion of a spirituality course in nursing curriculum (M.E. Southard)

  • Graceful presence: Using mindful movement for deepening divine connection (A. Quarberg)

Session 17: Pain (Discussant: S. Gözüm. Location: Ballyvaughan Suite.)

  • Facilitation of patient-centered approach in health of patients with chronic pain (K. Thorarinsdottir)

  • Clinical meditation and imagery for self-management of pain post spinal cord injury (C. Gilchrist, C. Ortiz, J. Zanca)

  • Acupuncture for post-operative pain management (T. Rampley)

  • A program on integrative pain management: Helping nurses expand their toolbox (S. Hoffman, P. Koppel, C. Cuneo)

4:15 - 5:45 pm: Poster Session and Networking; Chocoholic Break with infused water (See full poster presentation list at end of schedule) Location: Pre-conference Area.

7 - 10 pm: Conference Dinner and Entertainment; Music/program 8-10

  • Entertainment includes string quartet, Irish fiddle player Brenda Curtin, singer Carmel Dempsey, and traditional Irish dancers.

Friday, May 24

7 - 7:30 am: Morning Meditation with Leah Stauber, PhD

7:30 - 8:30 am: Morning Tea and Coffee

8:45 - 9 am: Announcements and Centering

9 - 10 am: Keynote Presentation: A Composition of Leadership Principles - Pièce de Résistance with Michael Shannon and Orla Shannon. Location: Lettermore Suite.

10 - 10:30 am: Irish Detox Break - fruit skewers, mint yogurt, fruit smoothies, and infused water.

10:30 am - noon: Concurrent Session IV

Session 18:  Workshop: In the Footsteps of Nightingale: Becoming love, radiating light, healing ourselves and the world. (J. Quinn). Location: Lettermore Suite.

Session 19:  Workshop: Creating a Holistic Healthy Lifestyle through Healing and Wellness Coaching Practices (K. Lawson, T. Nutt). Location: Inishturk.

Session 20: Leadership (Discussant: M. Shannon. Location: Inishmaan)​

  • Embracing holistic leadership (S. Roe)

  • Moving from complementary care to integrative care through collaboration (N. Strybol, M. Busch)

  • The power of green care: How nurses can integrate green therapy into settings to address wellness outcomes (M. Williams, L. Radville)

Session 21: Provider Self-Care (Discussant: O. Sher. Location: Inisheer.)

  • Multi-modal approach to self-care transformation in ICU clinicians (P. Robinson, A. Sawyer, K. McManus)

  • Sit still like a frog and thump like a gorilla (J. Cornman)

  • Change Your Breath, Change Your Brain: 3 easy techniques nurses need to know! (L. Ellis-Young, N. Chakrin)

  • Listen like a poet (F. Abralind, H. Gujral)

Session 22: Clinical Care (Discussant: N. Pool. Location: Inishmore)

  • Creating an acupressure-based program in a Boston cancer institution (E. Vallatini, S. Hoffman)

  • Integrative therapies in pediatric blood and marrow transplant patients (M. Anderson, M. Voss)

  • Improving interprofessional whole person health care: Functional nutrition and mindful eating in patients with spinal cord injuries and neurologic disorders (K. Erickson, C. McGovern)

  • Integrative nursing and sacred medicine: The emerging dialogue on entheogens in clinical practice (S. Hope)

  • Innovative aqua care technique for constipation: Cool abdominal washing (M. Kerkhof)

Session 23: Research (Discussant: R. Austin. Location: Ballyvaughan Suite.)

  • A conceptual-theoretical-empirical framework for integrative nursing principles: Implications for research (S. Gözüm, A. Ilgaz)

  • An evidence-based use of music therapy for hospitalized children: How and what can we measure (M. van der Heijden)

  • The effect of mindfulness on graduate student perceived stress (P. Cox, P. Potter, A. Vermeesch)

  • Promises and pitfalls in the doctoral preparation of integrative nursing researchers (L. Stauber)

  • Show me the evidence: Validating the use of integrative modalities in nursing practice via multi-site studies (M. Rabinowitz, C. Eaches, N. Mishanie)

Noon - 1 pm: Lunch

1 - 2:30 pm: Concurrent Session V

Session 24:  Workshop: 21st Century Salons: Changing the World through Conversations (M. Manthey). Location: Lettermore Suite.

Session 25:  Change Your Breath, Change Your Brain: 7 easy techniques nurses need to know for themselves and their patients! (L. Ellis-Young, N. Chakrin). Location: Inishmore

Session 26:  Workshop: An Introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self-Help for Nurses (C. Errico). Location: Inishmaan

Session 27: Staff Development (Discussant: R. Ammende. Location: Ballyvaughan Suite.)

  • Nurse residents’ healthy transition to practice (C. Weaver)

  • How organizational culture impacts relational competencies (D. Wright)

  • WHOLE Care: A framework for integrative healthcare education and leadership (K. Scott-Barss)

  • Developing self-care practices among nursing staff on in-patient acute care units (D. Corbett-Carbonneau)

  • The mindfulness activities project: Shifting the culture of care for providers, patients, and families (C. Hulme-Freudenberger, L. Speight, S. Hoffman)

Session 28: Conceptual Musings (Discussant: M. Koithan. Location: Inishturk.)

  • “Integrative” healthcare for whom? Democratization through integrative nursing (L. Stauber, N. Pool)

  • Nightingale, integrative nursing and the “new” placebo research (J. Quinn)

  • The intersection of Planetree principles, Watson’s Caring Science, and integrative care (S. Yaguda)

  • What’s in a definition? “Integrative” or “holistic” nursing and/or healthcare (N. Frisch, D. Rabinowitsch)

  • Integrative nursing in a Danish context (A. Lunde, J. Jørgensen, B. Lissau)

Session 29: Coaching (Discussant: J. Wagner. Location: Inisheer.)

  • Integrative nurse coaching: A leadership model for self-development, health promotion, and healing (S. Penque, D. McElligott, J. Turnier)

  • Integrative nurse health coaching with behavioral health and addiction populations (K. Welshman)

  • The Four Pillars of Integrative Health Coaching—a doorway to transforming clinical practice (K. Lawson)

2:30 - 3:00 pm: Chocoholic Break with infused water

3 - 4:30 pm: Closing Plenary Session: Where we go from here with Lori Knutson. Location: Lettermore Suite.

4:30 - 5 pm: Closing Comments and Evaluation

Poster Presentations: Full Listing

Provider Self-Care
1.    Honoring Cultural Influences: The Healing Power of Tracing Genealogy and its Impact on Nursing Care (M. Southard)
2.    Inclusion of the Omaha System for Nurse Coaching Practice, Documentation and Outcomes (M. Southard)
3.    Self-Care Practices of School Nurses (K. Hicks)
4.    Who looks after me? An Integrative Approach to Creating Space for Vital Self-Care (R. Whalen)
5.    The Compassionate Care Initiative: Self-Care, Real Time, Real Practice (R. DeGennaro)
6.    Put your mask on first: It Starts with You (C. Eaches)
7.    Using the AHNA's  "Pain Relief Tools for Patient & Self-Care" to Combat the Opioid Crisis (C. Eaches)
8.    Together We’re Better: An interdisciplinary approach to compassionate care for staff (N. Mishanie and C. Eaches)
9.    Healing Images: Poetry, Prose and Song to Inspire Integrative Nursing and Holistic Health Promotion (K. Scott Barss)
10. “Yoga ON and OFF the Wall” photography exhibits in medical centers deepen connections through friendship, wellness and nature (N. Chakrin)

11. Most importantly, one has to take care of oneself (A. Helgadóttir)

12.    A Nurse Led Project to Introduce Hand Lettering as a Form of Creative Art Expression to Patients in an Ambulatory Oncology Setting (C. Cao)
13.    Why patients are reluctant to receive complementary therapies in a hospital setting (R. Woitiz)
14.    Clinical Nurse / Physician Rounding - What difference does it make? (K. Planck)
15.    Shining Through Darkness: A Poster Exploring Resilient Practitioners, Spirituality, Healing, and Culture (A. Pirsch)
16.    Efficacy of a Mind Body Resilience Program with Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients: A Feasibility Study (P. Arcari)
17.    A Preliminary Investigation of the Efficacy of Aromatherapy in Reducing discomfort in Youth with Chronic Headache (R. Kingsley)
18.    ICU Nurses Beliefs and Values Toward an Innovative Risk Assessment Application (J. Foley)
19.    FertiQoL. Questionnaire on quality of life related to fertility problems.  The translation process and the testing of the Icelandic version (H. Sigurdardottir)
20.    Home care midwifery postpartum implementation and evaluation of the care (H. Sigurdardottir)
21.    The use of CAM in Iceland: Results of national health survey (B. Örlygsdóttir)
22.    Impact of Nature Immersion as an Intervention on Resiliency and Empathy in Nursing Students (C. Harlow)
23.    Is Reiki an effective addition in an inpatient acute adult rehabilitation setting to other therapies and standard of care? (B. Siminovich-Blok)
24.    The Relationship of Therapeutic Touch® (TT) and Integrative Nursing (T. Wardell)
25.    How to Incorporate Therapeutic Touch® (TT) Content into Prelicensure Curricula (T. Wardell)

26.    Nursing & Midwifery Quality Care-Metrics. A National Initiative to enable Measurement for Improvement in the Health Service Execute Ireland. (M. Quinn)

Clinical Practice
27.    Palliative Aquatics Programs for Children and Adults (S. Pyatt)
28.    Use of Earplugs & Eye Masks to Promote Sleep in Hospitalized Patients (L. Harrold)
29.    Use of Non-Pharmacological Interventions to Promote Sleep & Improve HCAHPS scores in Hospitalized Patients (L. Harrold)
30.    Evaluating the impact of  Quality Improvement on a Home Dialysis Programme in University Hospital Galway RRT “Choices” Project (L. Durack)
31.    Use of Essential Oils for Oncology inpatients to manage nausea and anxiety (H. Gujral)
32.    The positive Impact of Guided Imagery (GI) among patients receiving Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer. (D. Serra)
33.    The Use of Integrative Therapies Among Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Patients (K. Guilmette)
34.    Relationship-Based Care / Knowing your patient: The CareDex (D. Stavros)
35.    Cultivating and Sustaining Nursing Presence: A Conceptual Framework and Literature Review (P. Koppel)
36.    Analysis of Holistic and Integrative Nursing Recognition by U.S. Boards of Nursing (T. Roberts)
37.    Infant Massage and Rates of Maternal Post-Partum Depression in Mothers of Low Birth Weight Infants (D. McClure)
38.    Integrative Nursing Guideline (P. Kessler)
39.    Recommending Your Patient Practice Yoga - More to it than Meets the Eye (R. Sheinberg)
40.    Aromatherapy Deep Dive: An Interdisciplinary Project to Re-Consider the Safety of an Evidence-Informed Essential Oil Program in an Academic Hospital Setting (E. Anderson)
41.    Standardize the Process of Screening Heart Failure Patients for Anxiety in the Outpatient Setting (A. Hayden)


42.    Guidelines for Achieving Teaching Proficiencies in Integrative Modalities (N. Pool)
43.    Elevating Educators for Integrative Nursing (N. Pool)
44.    Faculty Evaluations: Implementing Integrative Nursing Principles with Intention (L. Jaurigue)
45.    Assignment Selection to Imbed Integrative Nursing Principles Into Nursing Curriculum (L. Tovar)
46.    Integrative Nursing Principles: Curriculum Mapping for BSN (L. Tovar)
47.    Generational Differences: Influences on Integrative Nursing (L. Jaurigue)
48.    Leading the Way to Integrative and Holistic Nursing Education and Practice (S. Hageness, B. Meighan, C. Costello)
49.    Implementing a Pilot Integrative Holistic Training Program in a Clinical Setting (J. Tomaino)
50.    Complementary therapy in Nurse Education (J. Nielsen)
51.    Expanding our Nursing Toolbox: Development of an Integrative Therapy Education Program (C. Costello)
52.    "Say who guided you and I'll say who you are." The perception of clinical instructors and nursing students is the desired clinical instructors. (V. Marina)

53.    Board Certification – Empowering Nursing to Become Innovative Leaders (M. Erickson, D. Rabinowitsch)
54.    Weaving Integrative Nursing Strategies throughout Nursing Leadership: One Nurse's Journey (C. Ryding)
55.    Stress and burnout among nursing students (B. Flygennring)



There will be 14.8 Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) contact hours available for the International Integrative Nursing Symposium. There will be 3.75 CNE contact hours for the Integrative Nursing Research Pre-Conference Workshop and 6.0 CNE contact hours for the Most Beautiful Way of the Healer Pre-Conference Workshop. University of Arizona Continuing Professional Education is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Continuing Nursing Education Group, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.




We are grateful to our Symposium sponsors:

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David and Mary Anderson Family Foundation

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Greater Boston Nursing Collective



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